Celestial Beginnings: The Halantoys Saga

Mousa (モーサ) 2022 in Qatar

Halantoys: The Enigmatic Genesis

In 2007, Mousa (モーサ), a Japanese Muslim pilgrim, was deeply moved by the limited entertainment options and expensive, poor-quality toys he observed among Saudi children. Immersed in Mecca, Mousa was touched by the laughter and innocence of the children but also witnessed their limited entertainment resources and subpar toys.

Upon returning to Japan, Mousa couldn't shake off the memories of that realm he perceived as kind, simple, and full of boundless potential. Inspired by Islamic teachings encouraging children's moderate entertainment, he believed that every child should have a rich and colorful growth experience.

With a profound affection for Saudi children and a fervent desire for children's joyful growth, Mousa decided to establish Halantoys (ハラントイズ). The name is inspired by the Arabic word "halan" (هلان), meaning celestial or heavenly, symbolizing a yearning for the realm of innocence.

Halantoys' founding was not just a venture but a mission to create a world of toys where every child could have high-quality, endlessly creative playthings. Mousa firmly believed that through these toys, he could bring happiness to children, inspire creativity, and convey the love and understanding inherent in Islamic teachings.

Starting with a factory in Japan, Halantoys gradually expanded to Vietnam, Mexico, and Malaysia, collaborating with global artisans, designers, and workers to create toys of outstanding quality at affordable prices. Each product from Halantoys is a manifestation of Mousa's deep affection for that realm of childhood, and a legacy of Islamic educational principles.

Simultaneously, Mousa actively collaborated with local Muslims in the Middle East, pooling diverse wisdom to ensure Halantoys' products not only align with local culture but also genuinely meet the needs of children. This cross-cultural collaboration infuses each toy from Halantoys with friendship and understanding transcending borders, bringing endless laughter and joy to children worldwide.

Halantoys' genesis story is a marvelous narrative blending culture, religion, and the boundless potential of children. Through this brand, Mousa aspires to deliver joy to every child's heart, letting them experience love and understanding from around the world while engaging in playful activities.